Reusable Sticker Book Sticker Collecting Album Won't Harm Stickers 7.4" x 4.6" PU Synthetic Leather Cover 6-Hole (Pink)

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  • Sticker collection albums are made of synthetic PU leather with fabric texture, two color dividers, and one with a plastic scraper to help level the sticker. A two-compartment plastic collection bag, 40 sheets of release paper.
  • High degree of freedom: There is a 6-hole iron ring that can be opened and closed freely on the reusable sticker book, and the inner pages can be added and adjusted at will. The strap has a clock plate and small parts engraved with be ture. You can also untie the rope and add your favorite pendants freely.
  • Function: sticker collecting album is very special. The sticker tape can be repeatedly torn off and stored inside, and then taken out to keep it sticky. You can view the stickers you own more intuitively.
  • Soft: The sticker storage book is very soft and can be folded at will, with the general feel of the outer fabric. It can be placed horizontally at 180° after opening.
  • Suitable gift: The sticker album is also a beautiful and perfect gift, suitable for everyone who likes to collect stickers.