Mini Cannon Made from Stainless Steel Modern times Naval Warship

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Length * Width* Height =4 * 2 * 2.5 inches ,Weight 310 g, Shipping in the U.S. Free Shipping
Mini Desktop Metal Cannon -Metal Cannon Pocket Toy Model Home decoration/ Villa model room/ Hotel & Club/ Showcase.
The artwork are perfect for desk decoration & collection.or as a festival gifts. Master craftsmen handmade, is the perfect military collection
Neat and sturdy - all made of stainless steel, hand assembled and well-made. Classics and Collections - Perfect gifts for men, ideal for war players or collectors.
Packing: Includes a mini cannon, a 6 mm diameter steel ball, a manual, you need to buy gunpowder and fuse to fire, the fuse is 2 mm in diameter, more than 2 mm can not be inserted into the fuse hole.